H&M Sinful Senorita

So, my NOTD is Sinful Senorita from H&M. Sadly, I can't buy these polishes in Slovenia, so many thanks to a nice online friend;)

The polish is great, application is easy, and it only needed ONE coat!! And its a holo, and sometimes a blue shimmer breaks out. It's not really in my favourite colour range, but this one I love:)

And another good news: I finally got to take some pictures in daylight:) It's not exactly sunshine, but it's the nearest we got in a few days, so yay for that too:)

The pictures:

Natural light:


And an upgrade: dots with Essence Crazy me (Crazy about colour TE) and Princesses rule, and the line with Essence Silver surfer. I don't really like this mani, but I was studying so hard today I had to take a break, and what better break than to do some nail art:)


  1. I was fortunate to get this one in a swap as well. I think the dots you added are cute, and I like the line to keep them contained to just the tips. :-)


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