Glistened Chocolate Shake

I started my mani today with Essence's Chocolate Shake from the Creamylicious TE. And then I looked at my nails and decided they need an upgrade :) So I tried out A new Essence polish Glisten Up! from their Colour&Go colection. I was sort of afraid that the colours would clash, but I'm pleasantly surprised with the result.

First: Chocolate Shake:

And then: Glisten Up! over Chocolate Shake

I love this polish. It's got silver glitter particles, tiny green glitter, greenish flakies.. And it dries super quickly. Gotta love it:)

I hate that I've been posting only pictures, taken with flash. But the weather is soooo depressing, I haven't seen sunshine in a while:( It must be all the volcanic ash:))


  1. Obadva laka su mi divna, imam ih :D
    nikad nisam razmisljala o ovoj kombinaciji,kako ti je to uopce palo na pamet?

  2. Tud mene je presenetila takšna kombinacija. Nikol si ne bi mislila, da pašeta skupaj. Ampak, pašeta! :)

  3. Odločitev za takšno kombinacijo je bila enostavna - Glisten up je edini flakie oziroma mini glitter lak ki ga premorem:))

  4. I like the combo! Very pretty! I know how you feel about the no sunshine, we had rain for a week straight! I hope you see some sun soon!! :)


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