Vollare Butterfly Jungle - 248

Hi, I'm *Fleur* and I'm a nail polish addict.

I just realized that today (but I've been suspecting it for quite a while). I had a perfectly fine mani on my nails from yesterday, but I was so tired of it I just had to repaint my nails. I can't have the same colour on me for two days! Yes, I'm a step away from rehab :)

Anyway, I used Vollare's Butterfly Jungle polish in 248. There are two coats on the pics. I loved the application, it goes on easily and dries fairly quickly. It's a little more green in RL, but I don't have time to try and adjust the colours in some editing program. Again, no sunny pics.


Artificial light:

Later I just had to put on a matte top coat :) It's actually not completely matte, it's sort of satin. I used Jessica's No Shine Topcoat. It's great to use, it applies like a dream and dries in like a minute. I totally recommend it! Pics are under artificial light.

I definetly prefer the satin one. Which one do you like better?


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