Essence Rock it baby! and s-he 455

Yesterday I had Essence Rock it Baby! on. It's from the Colour&Go line. I love the brush of these bottles! The consistency was sort of goopy, but it still applied nicely and needed two coats.

This is the most colour accurate pic I could take... It's a mix of artificial lighting and flash.

And then, I went to a local DM drugstore and saw a beauty just sitting there, waiting for me. S-he 455 - a clear base with large holo glitter. I love it! But it does take some time to dry. But hey, it's only 1,55€, so I don't expect miracles:)I put it over the essence one, and loved it! And I was surprised because removal was really not so hard, almost like I only had Rock it Baby! on without the glitter topper. I would definetly say the s-he is a good buy!


  1. I love this color :)
    I was quite bummed when they discontinued it :(

  2. U fajn, nisem vedela, da ima S-he holo glitter.

  3. That's so cute! I haven't seen the holo glitter either, but I will look for it from now on :o

  4. sto kod vas she kosta 1,55 eura? ovdje je gotovo 3 eura :/

  5. Blanka, res? Sploh ne razumem cenovne politike teh prodajalcev...

    Ostale pa - v napad na holo glitter:)

  6. Lovely nails :)


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