Inside my purse:)

I'm a one purse gal, I always have been. Lately, due to much running around in different outfits, I had to start combining two purses. Mostly beacause one is too colourful to go with "serious outfits" - it's Desigual:

Picture source

The other one is a plain black leather one. And, because I'm not always in the mood to put everything from one to another, I started stashing stuff in both of them. Yesterday I decided it was time to clean up, because I lost my keys and couldn't find them in any purse. So, I threw everything I had in them on the floor. Here's what came out:

Yes, that's something isn't it?

And the pic after some sorting and throwing away:

I found some long lost lipglosses, a bunch of hair stuff, lighters... So ladies, this is sort of an educational post. The lesson to be learned is: If you can't find something, it's probably hiding somewhere in your purse. Or, better yet: Clean out your purse regularly!

Oh and yes, I did find my keys;)


  1. Vau, to vse je v tvoji torbici? Je pa fino, da si našla izgubljene stvari... *lol*

  2. Ja, to se je nabralo v dveh mesecih v dveh torbicah. Mislim da ni potrebno povedat da mam velike torbice :)

  3. hahahaha you have apsolutely everything in there xD i can relate to that :)

  4. Dorotea, I'm glad I'm not the only one:) I always joke that if I got stranded on a desert island, all I'd want with me is my purse - I could survive off the stuff I have in there for at least a week:))


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