I'm so nervous watching the World Cup I have to do something else. So I'm posting here :) Seriously, what's going on there?!?

Anyway - a franken. I haven't named this one yet, so any suggestions are welcome. It was sort of a "mix everything you don't like together" sort of mixing:) I do like the result however. I mixed 1/2 of Flashy Pink, 1/4 of All Access and 1/4 of Live Forever, all Essence.

Pics in sun:

Pic with flash:


  1. That's a nice result :) I should really try to franken sometime, seems fun!

  2. Lovely franken. Like a stone cold purple. I REALLY like it.

  3. Thanks guys, I'm really proud of the result too. I got quite a few compliments, and a friend actually wanted to buy the franken from me :)

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  5. Oh wow this is absolutely perfect!!! :)


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