Giveaway swatches

I promised swatches of the giveaway polishes, so here goes:

s-he - 470:

s-he - 427

Vollare Roxy - 322

Butterfly Jungle - 244

Joy - 82

Essence - Lilac Forever

Essence - Iced Chai Latte

Essence - Desert Fox

Essence - Shining Star

Butterfly Jungle - random orange polish

Essence - Love Me Tender

Essence - Most wanted

Miss Sporty - 311

Essence - Crazy Me

Essence - Chocolate Shake

Notice anything? Yes, I added a polish. Essence's Crazy me from the Crazy about colour TE. It'a a must have! I'm also adding another Joy - a clear base with teeny tiny silver glittery particles. I forgot to take a pic :(

Now I'm of to watch the second half of the soccer game :)


  1. Wow they are all gorgeous! Thanks for the swatches :)

  2. Joooj, zdaj si pa samo še bolj želim zmagati. =))
    Luštni swatchi!


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