Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure

Yes yes, I know you've all heard lots and lots about this polish, seen millions of pics and are fed up. But hey, give me a break:) It's my first Sally Hansen and it's my first real flakie, so please. I have to do a post about it:)

I got this from a swap I recently did with Glamorous Geek Chic. I also got some other great polishes, but I didn't have time to swatch them, so you'll see them as I wear them.

Anyway, back to this polish. It doesn't need introduction. But I will write this - I looooooooooove it:) I read quite a lot of reviews of the brush - I have to say I'm on the side that loves it. It's big, it's flat, it's hard... What's there not to like:)

And, moving on to the pics. I'm glad we're getting a lot of sunshine, so the pics are accurate:) The base polish is yesterday's mani, s-he 468.

First, the bottle:

And pics in the sun. When the sun touches this polish, it mostly flashes green and gold.

In the shade it flashes mostly coppery gold with hints of green:

And with flash:


  1. Wow, you've got Hidden Treasure!! Lucky girl :D

  2. Vaaaaau! Lepotec! <3<3<3 Hej, a bi lahko naredila kakšno primerjavo, kar me zelo zanima, kako bi tale Hidden Treasure izgledal na različnih barvnih podlagah. :) Seveda, ko boš imela čas. ;)

  3. It looks so pretty on your nails! I'm glad you're loving it!!!

  4. @Biba - I know, I couldn't stop smiling the day I got it:D

    @Tiana - to imam v planu, samo mi malo časa primanjkuje. Upam da mi bo uspelo vsaj čez vikend če ne prej:)

    @DistantDreamer - thanks again... I loooove it!:)

  5. Oh pretty pretty, I couldn't take my eyes of my nails if I had a beauty like this :)


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