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I didn't expect much from this polish, mostly because of the dissapointment with the green one a few days ago :) I don't really remember when I bought this one, but I'm quite sure I've never worn it before. I was looking for a dark red polish in my stash, and came up with this one. I have to say, I love it! It took two coats, but one would probably be enough if it was slightly thicker and if you're a patient person. It dried in like 5 minutes, I was stunned:) And the colour is great!

Pic in the sun:

Macro in the sun:

In the shade:

With flash:

Don't you just love it? I do:)


  1. Krasen je! Ti S-he laki se res sušijo zelo hitro.

  2. That is gorgeous. Your application is perfect too. :)

  3. Lepo! <3

    Jaz ga tudi imam pa kar nekako ne pride na vrsto, no, morda bo sedaj, ko sem videla kako lepo izgleda na tebi, kaj drugače. :)

  4. uuuuu that's cute! i was looking for that holo glitter she nail polish today and i couldn't find it :((

  5. @Biba - ja, res je krasen. Ampak žal sem našla tudi nekaj s-he lakov s poraznim časom sušenja, zato sem bila za tegale kar malo živčna in navijala za hitro sušenje, ker mi je res všeč barva :)

    @susie - thanks!

    @Tassa - hitro lakirat nohte, se splača:)

    @Dorotea - really? That's a shame... If you can't find it and really want it, I can send it to you if you'd like;)


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