Essence Return to Paradise & a Flormar

I got a great package today - from Parokeets! I won their Facebook giveaway and got three polishes from the Return To Paradise TE from Essence, and a bonus polish - Flormar 391. I'm really busy packing and getting things together, because I'm leaving on holiday tomorrow. But that didn't stop me from swatching the polishes :)

First up is My little orchid. A gorgeous violet with shimmer, but luckily not frosty, just shimmery. Two coats in the pic.

Fruit punch is a great summery colour - a rich orange with glassy sort of flecs that shimmer like hell when in the sun! Two coats.

Are you ready? Next up is Back to paradise. A gorgeous dark green jelly! You gotta love it. It took three coats though, and as you can see I was really sloppy with the third coat *blush*

And the bonus polish. My first Flormar, nr. 391. A gorgeous dark grey with silver shimmer or glassy flecks, I can't decide. I was so surprised - the first coat looked very runny and sheer, but the second coat took care of all that, so there are only two coats on the picture.

And as an experiment, I topped two nails with Jessica's No Shine TC. Here's the result:

I think both versions look spectacular:)

Thanks again to Parokeets, you girls rock!


  1. Glad you like your prize. :)
    Flormar polishes usually require two coats, but they have some of really interesting colors.

    I love Back to Paradise and both versions of Flomar 391 on you.

    Have a nice vacation.

  2. Čestitke za lakce! Čudoviti lakci so in lepo ti pristojijo. <3

  3. Čestitke! Super nagrada in lepe fotke. :)

  4. these are awesome swatches!! great shots :)

  5. Thanks girls:) And a special thanks to Parokeets - you girls rock!


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