Catrice - Red Blossom

For all of you who were worried about me, stop. I'm ok, I already took the pink polish off:)

Today I'm wearing one of my favourites from Catrice. It's called Red Blossom, and it's from the discontinued line of 60 seconds Nail Couture. I regret not buying more of these when I had the chance. I got some thanks to Mamy from Parokeets - she's awsome! Anyway, the polishes from this line have great brushes, great opacity, great consistency, great staying power.. They're great:)

Enough blaberring, here are the pics. Two coats, no top coat. Still some VNL, but I applied really thin layers cause I was in a hurry and wanted it to dry as quickly as possible.



On another topic: it's been really hot here. And they say that it's going to get even hotter. I'm not made for this heat, I'm melting. I just wish it was around 25 degrees celsius, not around 40. I wish for rain. I wish for fall, or spring, or even winter. Or for airconditioning :)

Rain would be best.

Edit: It started raining literally two minutes after I posted this. It feels great :)

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