French mani aka Things we do for love

Now, I love colour. You'll rarely see my nails bare. But my boyfriend, he's something else. He sort of makes an ugly face every time he sees my nails in colour. He only supports bares, soft pinks and nudes. And the most sexy nail colour for him is a classic french. I often tell him that he can only thank god that he came about before my nail polish obsession started, cause he'd never make the cut these days with his uptight nail polish view :))

Anyway, he's finally coming home today (from the vacation my panic stopped me from going on), and I wanted to greet him with a mani. French, of course. And not even a funky french, I tried my best and did a regular french mani, white tips, sheer polish over it... I did use a flower sticker though. Had to have something colourful on my nails!

I used Essence's White Tip Painter and Wet'N'Wild Sparkling Diamonds, and the sticker is a random one, have no idea when or where I bought it.

I love the tip painter! Until today, I always used the guide stickers that come in french mani kits and it never really worked like I'd like it to. Always made a mess somehow. But with the tip painter I can do my tips freehand, it's easier and way faster. It only irritates me that I'm such a clutz with my left hand my right hand isn't the best case of a french :)

And the W'n'W I love too. I payed waaaaaay too much for it (about 4,5€ in a teeny tiny drugstore in my town), but I appreciate it today. It really sparkles. There are two coats on the pic.

So, I hope my BF likes it. Well, I hope he at least notices my efforts :)


  1. What a soft, cute mani. And it must be nice to see him again, enjoy your day!

    Luckily my BF loves bright colors, especially pink and red, so I always put on something like that :)

  2. Ej moj dragi je isti.. :D
    Ampak se ne oziram in si se vedno lakiram nohte kakor hocem.. zacela sem anka z nogami, pa mu ni ravno vsec, samo trenutno ne rece ne bev ne mew :P
    Je pa tudi on z mano bil preden se je obsesija zacela hahah..

  3. Your tips look really good! I prefer using the nail guides, but each to their own! :)

  4. He'd better notice your efforts. Its a simple and fabulous french. Enjoy your time with him since he's back. :)

  5. Oh this is so pretty! Did he like it?

  6. I didn't think so many of you would like it:)

    And yes, he did notice, and was really touched. He must really hate my usually vividly coloured nails :)

  7. It's so pretty! I love french manis and this is beautiful =)

    It's good to hear he noticed your efforts! My bf is like yours (only likes the pinks and soft colours) but I wear bright manis regardless because it's my nails not his! =p

  8. Very beautiful and elegant!

  9. If he doesn't notice, you can always scratch his eyes out! JK!

    Your nails need to be noticed. They are so stinkin' cute!!!


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