Essence - Pink Punk & VLN glitter

This mani I did yesterday, don't know why. I hated it, so it only lasted for like an hour, and then I started to scratch the glitter off because I was nervous, and then it was a complete fail:)

I used Essence's Pink Punk from the Glam Rock TE. It's a holo, but it's muted in the pics because I had to use a TC over it because of the glitter. The glitter is from the Viva La Nails sample pack.

Does it happen to you too that you want to paint your nails, but can't decide on the colour, and then just paint it with a random polish and then hate it? I must have tried like five polishes yesterday, and got fed up with each in like an hour. It seems that I have more incentive to paint my nails nice when I go out of the house. Seems sort of vain to paint my nails just for myself. And since I've been staying in lately, I have no reason to paint my nails, so then I just do random manis. Ah, the troubles of life... Have to get out, have to see other people!


  1. I think this was really pretty. Just paint your nails whatever color you want, you don't have to do it for other people! =)

  2. Ahh that's so recognizable! But I do polish in whatever I want, also for myself, just that sometimes I can't choose and end up removing it again (and again, and... well, you get the point).

    And I like this mani :)

  3. Wow shiny! I love the glitter french :)

  4. So pretty!
    I love the color!

  5. I like it! I definitely sympathize with not being able to decide...I have been painting my nails way more often lately because I just can't decide what I want!


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