My firsts :)

As most of you know by now, I only buy low-end polishes and I don't order online. Why? I keep telling myself it's a way to keep myself from spending too much. Still don't know if it works though :) Consequently, my stash is limited to brands you can get in Slovenia, at least most of it. But yesterday, an amazing opportunity showed itself to me! nihrida, I'm sure you've all heard of her, was willing to sell me some of her polishes, so I jumped up and down with excitement! Unfortunately I only had time to do a quick skittles style swatch today. But I'm taking votes on which to do a full mani with tomorrow!

Anyway, all of these are my firsts. My first Misa, my first China Glaze, my first OPI (well, sort of OPI) and my first Color Club. Yay me!

China Glaze - Cowardly Lyin'

Color Club - Ultra Violet

Nicole by OPI - Leaf Me Alone

Misa - Fatal Affair


  1. Exciting! They are all gorgeous colors! :)

  2. And if it helps - your money will be well spent: for Aishila's vet bills. So, thank you from me and my little squirrel monkey. :*

  3. nihrida, thank you. And I really hope your squirrel monkey feels better - I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Polish Hoarder - they are aren't they:) I feel like smiling everytime I look at them. I think I'm starting to get really obsessed with polish ;)

  4. Ta zadnji mi je super! :)
    P.S. Dobila tvoj paket! :D Rožice so mi blazno všeč! Hvala :*

  5. Leaf me Alone. PS. if you are ever wanting to do an international swap, email me ;)

  6. Helena, super, me veseli ;)

    Lacquer Ware, I just might take you up on that;)


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