H&M Sinful Senorita with Jessica No Shine TC

I already showed you H&M's Sinful Senorita here, but yesterday I tried it with Jessica's No Shine TC. Yes, I know, it's still pink, but I needed something more socially acceptable for a lunch I went to:)

Here are the pics:

I really like it, in fact I like it better matte than shiny, even though it's a holo when it's shiny. Weird huh? :)

I also tried konading over it with a clear TC to make a shiny konading, but it wasn't as seeable (is that even a word?) as I would have liked. It's supposed to be a four leaf clover btw.


  1. That does look nice matte! I wouldn't have thought to try that with this polish.

  2. wow, that is really pretty, and I don't usually even care for matte finishes

  3. Zmatirana zgleda hudo, taka posebna - ampak shiny verzija je pa prečudovita! :)

  4. I love the Konading on that. Ok I love that it's matte but not super dry looking matte. It's perfect for that color too.

  5. Thanks all of you. I only put the TC over it because I was in a hurry and it's the fastest drying TC I own at the moment :) And I too was really surprised when I saw the result!

    Short and Sweet nails - that's why I love this Jessica's TC - it has a satin finish, not the really matte one, so it still has some hidden sparkle:)

  6. You are very imaginative to stamp w/clear topcoat and have it show up in the picture like that. Awesome! I do like it matte.


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