Water marble for PHD

I did this water marble for Polish Hoarder Disorder's challenge for this week. I used Catrice's London Weather Forecast as the base, and then Essence's White tip painter, Pure Ice's Hot Tamale and a unnamed black Joy for marbling. I really liked it, but was too lazy to make it into a full mani, because I didn't have the patience to do the other hand too :)

Reminder! Only nine hours left to enter my giveaway! :)


  1. Ooh, I like it! I've never tried water marbling before because I am a pretty impatient person, but it looks very pretty!

  2. Wow, meni je zelo všeč izbira barv. Prav lepo se ujemajo. Čudovit marbling, ni kaj! <3

  3. I LOVE that challenge entry. What a fabulous idea to get the color block in and add a splash of color. Fabulous!


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