New project & Misa - Fatal Affair

I said something yesterday about a no-buy.. I'm starting today :)

I have a new "project" in mind. Since I have all these polishes I havent worn as a full mani and haven't posted on this blog, I put them all in a box. From now on, when choosing my polish, I'm gonna close my eyes and randomly pull out one of them, put it on and take pics. So, considering I'm sometimes willing to change my mani quite a few times before I like it, expect some serious spam from me:)

The first polish from this project was Misa - Fatal Affair. I love it in the bottle, on the nails - not so much. The shimmer seems to get lost on the nails, even though it does show up great in the pics. Application was actually great, two coats to perfection.

First three pics under artificial light, the last one in natural light. Damn, I got to get myself a lightbox.

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  1. What an EXCELLENT color. I really want that. Why didn't I see this post when I placed my Head2Toe order? Gah!


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