Ulta3 - Hollywood

I've always been one of those polish fanatics that didn't have many untrieds. But lately, I haven't had time to change manis every day, or sometimes I even go out with unpolished nails *gasp* Since I've done three swaps, the untried list is growing and growing. I've decided tonight I'll take time and put them in a separate box and not buy a new polish until I try out all of them. I know, who am I kidding? But hey, worth a shot :)

Today, I tried out a polish from an Aussie swap. Ulta3's Hollywood. Two coats, pure perfection. The colour itself isn't that special, but I love it anyway - just because it's blue.

And then, just for fun (and because I didn't want to get back to my thesis) I tried layering. I remember I used SH's Hidden Treasure, something from W'n'W, SH's In The Spotlight and Sinful's Hottie. The rest is a blur :)


  1. I like the layering effects. I admire your willingness to try to go on a no-buy until your untrieds have been vanquished. I don't even bother saying that anymore, cuz I'm always buying something new or I'm frankening something new.

  2. Chris, a no-buy is just a saying... It means buy less:) Even though I totally broke it like an hour after posting this and did a CherryCulture order. Which is actually against ALL of my principles, but I calculated and I'm guessing the order should arrive somwhere around my thesis defense, so it's sort of an early gift to myself:)

    Spaceinvaders, I especially looooove the Effect Nails mini bottle you sent me - it's not in the pic in this post, but I tried it on my other hand and it's WOW!


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