Olivia - 11

Blah. I've had this for over a year, and if it didn't have a sort of sentimental value it would be long gone. I got this as a Christmas present from the owner of a coffee shop I frequented A LOT during classes, with my colleagues of course.

Colour wise, this is everything I hate in a polish. It's sheer (5 coats!), frosty and weirdly coloured wannabe nude. Blah again.

Oh, and it smells real bad.


  1. Hmm, well yes, that is a bit old fashioned looking. But I understand holding onto it for sentimental reasons; I still have the polish I wore for my wedding even though I wouldn't buy that same color today.

  2. Oldfashioned is just the right word.

    But I have to say, a wedding polish really is something to hold on to. A polish that commemorates you spending a lot of time in a bar.. not so much. But the hell with it, a polish more isn't going to solve my storage issues:)


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