Wet'N'Wild Craze - Rustic

Now that's more like it. A gorgeous reddish brown with shimmer that pops in the sun. It's gold and it's red and it's brown and it's great!


  1. This is an excellent color. Very Earthy and intense. I'm glad you love it.

  2. LOVE that color. I wore it a couple of weeks ago, and then decided to Konad the ever-loving crap out of it...I should have just left it alone, so pretty by itself.

  3. wow, I'm not into earthy colors, but this shade is awsome.

  4. @LacquerWareForTipsAndToes, I really do love it. Great pick!

    @megaroonie, run and put in on, no konad this time. I promise you won't regret it!

    @colorfulbottle, the shimmer in this one really makes it intense instead of being a subtle earthy colour, I'm guessing that's what makes is awsome:)


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