L.A. Colors Intense - Green

This one is one of the four minis in the L.A Colors pack from the Intense collection. The pack this one's from is named High Voltage, and the polish itself doesn't have a name. So I named it Green. Whan an imagination I have, huh? :)

This was four coats and still sheer as hell. Really don't like this aspect, but the colour is fantastic! It has a yellow and green shimmer to it, and the sunlight makes it even sparklier!


  1. Wow this green looks quite good on!
    How do you keep your nails so nice? I try to keep mine a little longer (such as your length) but they always end up breaking. :(
    You have a lovely blog!

  2. Thanks Frankie:) I've been thinking about doing a nail care routine post, but I'll give you the short version here:)

    The most important thing I'd say is the base coat. Choose a good one, especially if you're like me and change your mani at least once daily. I currently use Essence's Nail Art protecting BC or Essence's 10in1 miracle nails.

    The next thing is filing. I always have a nail file with me, so I can file down and breaks before they are fully blown. And when shortening my nails I always file the tips with a very fine grained, polishing nail file when I finish shortening and shaping them. It really helps with peeling and stuff like that.

    Those are really the two things I'd most recommend. Sadly, a lot here can be credited to genetics too - I have my mum's great and strong nails.

  3. Thanks so much for answering my questions :)
    I want to try these things and see if I can grow long fingernails hehe


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