Catz :)

I'm not going to apologise for not posting, hell, it happens to everyone.

Instead of an apology I have an adorable pics for you:) Gal, sleeping. One of the rare times he's still enough so I can take a picture.

And this is his idea of helping;) I'm begining a new "project" and was trying to take pics. I wasn't successful:)

Oh, and see the new design? It's still a work in progress, but isn't it amazing? I love it! Thanks to Laura from EightDayDesigns, who totally rocks:)



  1. Oeh I love the new look!! :) birdie looks so sweet....and euhmm I wanna cuddle your cat!

  2. He looks like my little cat Toulouse! So sweet, I love cats!

  3. Awww he´s super cute! ^^ He looks like my cats, they´re also both orange. :D

    I tagged you at my blog:

  4. She was just trying to help, too cute! :)

  5. Kak je lep! Oh!

    Mir in ljubezen!


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