Flormar - M112

Nice and imaginative name, huh? :) I expected a lot from this polish. It's matte, so it should be opaque and dry fast, right? WRONG! What you see on the pictures is 5 coats. Yes, 5 coats. And it's still not even and opaque... And it never dried, I waited for 2 hours. And it's not matte, even after 2 hours. Damn you flormar, I had high hopes. It was runny too, I had some major cleanup after application, because it totally bled my cuticles.

Other than that, it's a nice colour. I'm surprised by the pics, I actually like them. But come on, 5 coats? The only polish I'd be willing to stand 5 coats for is the new Lipmann Glitter in the air, which I have no possible way of getting but absolutely love. A flormar? No.



  1. lep nude odtenek:P....uh...sam 5 plasti? to ni zame... ena je cisto dovolj<:) hehehe

  2. Yikes, that's a few coats too much for me too! It's a nice nude, too bad it didn't turn out the way you hoped.

  3. mislim da nijednom laku ne bi oprostila pet slojeva, ma kako krasan bio


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