Giveaway winner!

No, I'm not going to show you the winner yet :) First, I'd like to tell you how I chose one. During the week I followed who entered and put everyone into a spreadsheet. Today I added another entry for those who entered and were in the first 50 followers. All together there were 53 valid entries. Here's the spreadsheet:

Then I figured, as long as I have everything in Excel, I might just pick a rondom number using that. So I used the formula for random numbers in Excel (=randbetween(1;53)if anybody wants to know). In the pic below you can see the result, and the formula in the cell window, so you know I didn't just make up a number. So, the winner is........... drumroll please.....

.... Helena :)

Helena (XOXO Parisky) has a great blog - definetly worth a click!
Helena, I'm writing you an email as soon as I post this.

And, as always, if for some reason she does not answer in 48 hours I'll draw another winner.

Ladies, thank you so much for participating! I'm all hooked now so I secretly started hoarding polishes for my 100 giveaway :)


  1. Jeej :) tole z excelom in naključno številko si se pa dobro spomnila :) jaz sploh nisem vedela da to obstaja *blush* :D

  2. Čestitke Helena!!! You lucky girl! :))

  3. Čestitke zmagovalki! :D

    Hej, tagala sem te z "the 10 things that make me happy" tagom! Pravila so na mojem blogu! :)


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