Catrice - Clay-ton, My Hero (&I cried a little)

First, why I cried... It seems most of the other nail bloggers manage to keep their nails at a certain lenght all the time. I don't have the discipline or whatever to file my nails overy day or so, so I usually just let them grow until they're too long and them file them down real short, then let them grow back long and so on. Besides, I'm clumsy. I'm sure to break a nail if I let them be too long. So, every three weks or so comes the dreaded day - the day I shorten my nails. Oh dear:( Today was that day again. I love having somewhat longer nails, but (being clumsy and all that) I really can't have them that way. Not now at least, when my days are comprised mostly of manual labour or typing on the computer - both of which I can't do with long nails. I know most of you have onger nails than I do when I consider them long, and I seriously admire you for that. How you do any work and not be bothered by nails or break them is beyond me (it's an art I have yet to master). So, today I shortened my nails. And cried just a little bit (on the inside of course). On the plus side, I tried filing them a little differently than usual, I'll see if I like it.

I wanted to polish them with a more calm polish, not an in your face sort of colour. I chose one of my untrieds, Catrice's Clay-ton, My Hero. It's a light brown with golden shimmer - pure beauty:) It took two coats and dried really quickly!

The pics:

See how it shimmers? I love that it's subtle and still special. A must have!


  1. i"m thinking Catrice's Clay-ton, My Hero is somewhat similar to China Glaze vintage vixen Ingrid - not dupes but in the neighborhood

  2. Ohhhh I feel your pain =( I too do exactly the same as you, it's just not practical to have long nails sometimes!

    I'm definitely loving the length and shape of your nails here! I think they're the perfect length - practical yet long enough to play around with for konading and nail art. The polish looks great on you too!

  3. Tudi jaz počnem tako - dokler zdržim, da si jih ne postrižem, so dolgi. Potem pa spet čisto na kratko...

  4. Meni so tvoji nohtki zelo všeč, kratki ali daljši! <3 Taki srčki so :D Jaz imam sicer malo daljše nohte, vendar z njimi ravnam kakor da jih ne bi imela... Najbrž bi morala malo bolj paziti nanje vendar vem, da se ne bodo zlomili tako zlahka (se lahko zahvalim mamici in atiku za ta dar). ;) Za punce s krhkejšimi nohti pa je najbrž res že umetnost, ko tipka po tipkovnici. :D

    Bolj ko spremljam tvoj blog, več lakov imam na spisku želja! Ta Clay-ton, My Hero se mu je pridružil že pred časom, zdaj pa si me še dodatno motivirala, da jutri skočim po njega v trgovino! Ufff <3


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