s-he 381

Remember my haul a few days ago? This was the polish that interested me the most. I never saw it before, and only bought it because it was on sale (silly me, I know). Well, turns out it's great! It's green, it's pastel and it's shimmery, it's two coats and dries quickly.

I googled it and didn't find a single mention of the polish, and couldn't find it on any blog or forum. Do any of you have it? I'm curious:)


  1. i don't think I've got this one but the s-he limited edtions are a bit of a "nobody knows about it until you stumble across it" kinda thing... and their permanent display too- you'll never know which ones they're discontinuing or getting there...

  2. I too buy things just because it's on sale =p usually it doesn't turn out well for me but this is a great polish you got! It's different from other greens you see.

  3. Leeeeep! Tega pa še nimam... Bo treba v nabavo ;)


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