Essence - Date me! and a Hello Kitty mani

The insipiration for this mani was again a weekly challenge by Polish Hoarder Disorder. The challenge was to do a manicure, inspired by a book cover. Any book cover :) Since I'm mostly surrounded by study and work related book these days, I decided not to enter the challenge this week. But then I had a recipe I wanted to write down in my recipe book, and was immediately turned - I did a manicure with purple, flowers and Hello Kitty. You can see the cover of the book in the pic below, along with the things I used for the mani.

And here's the base polish - Essence's Date me! from the Cute as hell line. It took three coats to be opaque and not streaky, but the colour is worth a little extra hassle :)

I wanted to recreate the flowers on the cover, so I stamped them using two plates from Essence and used a Fauxnad plate for the Hello Kitty image (thanks nihrida!)I used Essence's Joe and Go wild for the flowers, combined with H&M's Pure white. Kitty is stamped with Konad Black polish.

Enough with the chattering - here is the final mani:

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And on another note - I absolutely hate myself for not posting the blog awards you guys have given me in the past weeks. I just can't seem to find the time. I'm really ashamed - I hope you know I'm really flattered by the awards!


  1. waaw fleur tole je več kot odlično, čeprav mi hello kitty sploh ni všeč.. well done!! =)

  2. This looks exactly like the cover! What a super cute manicure, I love it! =)

  3. I like it. It's cute without being over the top sugary. :)

  4. Thanks all of you:) And Gejba - for me it was too sugary, I removed it in a matter of minutes from taking the photo.

  5. This is so cute! I love Hello Kitty. That's too funny you took it off so fast.


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