Milani 3D - HD over SH- Wet Cement with some matte TC

Huh, a long title :)

I wanted something shiny, so I put on Milani 3D - HD. I remembered from last time that it needs quite a few coats to be opaque, so I put one thicker layer of Sally Hansen - Wet Cement underneath. I put two coats of the Milani over. Then I figured I might as well play around a little, so I used the Jessica No Shine TC on a portion of my finger, and lined it with Essence's Nail art painter in metallics4ever.

As you can see, HD has bigger holo glitter than "usual" silver holos, so it gives a slightly different holo effect. And when mattified it's a perfect gray with silver specks.

I'm not yet decided if I like it:) The purple is a little too much if you ask me, but it's still sort of ok.


  1. I like it cause it's simple but still interesting. :)

  2. I agree with ShortAndSweetNails, it's simple but so sweet!


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