Essence Eclipse TE

Yeah, I know you've seen this collection before. Many many times probably. But hey, give a girl a break :) I was so excited I got this collection I had to swatch it, so bare with me please :)

First up is Hide Bella Hide. I't my least favourite of the collection - a frosty silver. Took two coats:)I'll try it matte some day, I think it'll look better.

Next one is Ready To Be Bitten - a glassy flecky polish. The picture is four coats, I wanted to see if it could be built to full opacity. My guess is about six coats could do it. But I still love it, even though I usually have problems with VNL. And see how it shines? Even in the shade!

Don't Bite Me - Kiss Me is a typical one - Essence always has a raspberry pinkish polish in each trend edition. This one at least has some violet shimmer to make it stand out a little. It's very opaque - two coats in the picture.

Next one is like blood in a bottle! Thirsty? A gorgeous red polish, somewhat jelly-like, a must have definetly! I love it:) Took two coats.

The last one is the famous Undead? I read some of the girls had problems with application - luckly I'm not one of them:) This is two coats, and it's really a polish you'd wear if you were a vampire freak :)

The polishes are really nice, i'm gonna wear all of them again. Can't really decide which is my favourite:)

I also did quick swatches of the three lip glosses I bought. I skipped on the black one. I'm all for experimentin, but black lips? Not for me.

These are (left to right) Ready To Be Bitten?, Don't Bite Me Kiss Me, Lunch At Cullen's.

See how they all sparkle? Love them:)


  1. Actually, I have barely seen these at all, so I appreciate the swatches. :)

  2. Thanks for the swatches! These look gorgeous on you =)


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