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Viva La Nails is giving away free sample pack of their nail art stuff for nail bloggers. And of course, as always, I signed up. Free nail stuff? Hell yea :)

I got the package super quick. They mailed it on thursday, I had it on Tuesday. And the pack was a real surprise. I expected a couple of rhinestones and a sticker or a water decal sheet, but look what I got:

Yes, that's right - a big supply of rhinestones, glitter, some crushed shells, water decals, stickers and even some pads for removing polish.

Anyway, this are the things I was most attracted to at first sight:

holo hexagonal glitter

vowen mini flowers

pink crushed shells

Don't you just love them?

I'm not really that into what I would call 3D nail art - anything sticking away from my nails is a recipe for disaster. I used some of the rhinestones and she shells anyway. Here's what I came up with:

The blue polish is Essence's The World's Coolest (from Surfer Babe TE) and the grey one is Catrice's London's Weather Forecast.

The supplies are OK to work with, I had no issues with them. But I really hated the way the pink pearls bled colour when I topped them off with a top coat.

And these are the two fingernails I really loved:)

I used holo glitter for the "line", and filled the tip with Milani 3D in HD.

For this one I used one of the water decals - I never thought it would be so easy to use! And it looks like I spent a lot of time doing my nails :)

Overall, I'm pleased with the products I got. I'd like to say that even thought I was sent this stuff for free, my review was honest and not influenced by anyone or anything.

I'm definetly going to use the stickers next to see how they work, and the holo glitter and decals rock so that's a must for me from now on too. And I have enough rhinestones for at least a year now:)

Oh, in case you were wondering why I didn't post another major haul yesterday - because I didn't have anything to post:( I scoured most of Maribor's drugstores and all
I got was one nail polish (the blue one from this post) and ArtDeco's eyeshadow base, which is impossible to get in Celje. Well, better luck to me next time :)


  1. water decals look great... they would be perfect for me...I'm too lazy to do any other nail art *blush*
    I hope you post a manicure with those vowen mini flowers doon, they look interesting.

  2. hihih jaz sem tudi dobila.. me se caka post :D

  3. Cute mani Fleur! And great review =) I have ordered these too am waiting for my order to arrive! Can't wait!

  4. Hmmm... Kam si se pa vpisala, da so ti poslali? *mani nič jasno* :D Tista rožica na mezinčku je čudovita! <3

  5. @ Tiana - here's the link:

  6. Hudo! Meni je tudi nalepka zelo všeč! Že tipkam... :P Hvala za inf., *Fleur*. :*


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