I rewarded myself:)

...with a haul of course:)

I'm almost finished with my studies, just have one oral exam and two diploma theses to write. So today I decided to do a quick run through drugstores in my town to see if any had anything new or anything I "need" :) I'm very pleased with the result - I got most of my "needs" and some more, and only spent about 20€. I have a nice and cheap hobby obviously:)

So, here is my haul:

From the above pic, left to right:

s-he 427 (two, because it's holo, great for frankening, cost 1,55€ and really hard to get)
Essence Undead? from Eclipse LE (a hunt has been going on for this one in Slovenia, I'm sorry girls, there was only one left on the stand in Beauty World)
Essence Thirsty! (same as above)
Essence Lunch at Cullen's lip gloss
Essence Don't Bite Me, Kiss Me lip gloss
s-he 381 (looks nice, plus it was on sale, so I had to buy it)
Essence Glisten Up! (another hard to get, ideal for frankening)
s-he magic colours lipstick in 387 (have no idea why I bought this one, other that it was on sale *I may be addicted*)
and in front Essence glitter eye pencil in Undead? from Eclipse LE

And on this pic, left to right:
Essence multiglitter tip painter in So Funky (never seen this one before, I found it in an outlet and had to have it - hey, it's holo glitter!)
Essence Meet Me At The Club from Sun Delicious TE (also in an outlet, for 1€!?! It's not even sold yet in some drugstores, and they're already selling it as an old TE in the outlet... hm..)
Catrice Poison Me, Poison You (yes, Catrice finally in Slovenia!!)
Catrice London's Weather Forecast (again, yes, Catrice in Slovenia!!)
Catrice Clay-ton, My Hero (no, not going to say yes, Catrice finally in Slovenia again :P)
Essence - Deep Blue Sea (I know I already have one of these, but I really need a backup, and again, for 1€.. didn't really think much before buying it)
And in front, Essence's nail repair pads. I'll try them next time I break a nail (hopefully not for a long time;)

And that's it for today:) I'm going to Maribor tomorrow, so expect another haul post then :)


  1. Hej kje pa si dobila So Funky? Damn prvič vidim in ga že "rabim" pa še kakšnega Catrice po možnosti ... koliko pa stane Catrice lakec pri nas?

  2. Nice haul! I'm really curious about the Essence Twilight polishes :)

  3. Helena, dobila sem ga v Beauty Worldu v Celju, imajo kao outlet Essence stvari in so ga imeli v enem velikem košu lakov. Tudi jaz ga do sedaj nisem videla, je bil pa edini. Po moje kaka prastara stvar ki so jo našli v skladišču:)

    KaredD and Michelle thanks, I'm planning on doing swatches tomorrow! ;)

  4. Wiiii, koliko lepih stvari! :D

  5. O tale outlet se pa sliši super! *envy* ;)

  6. Woah nice haul!
    Good luck on the last bits of your studies :)

  7. Super stvari si nakupla. :)

  8. Ohhh AWESOME haul!! I am totally envious of the Eclipse stuff and the Catrice polishes. Can't wait to see your manicures =)

    Good luck with your exam and theses!


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